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DURATION: 36 Hours


Schedule is tentative; finalized after enrollment according to student/instructor availability.

The program covers the basics of python and then focuses on tuning the models that are built and uses best practices to scale up for the future. For example, codes should be properly organized to make it shorter and faster. After this session, you can think about the best practices learned over several years based on experienced professionals. For example, converting the script to functions classes and uses object-oriented programming and functional programming to better manage the code.


  • Introduction to Python Foundations of programming:
  • Print Hello World Azure Notebooks & Anaconda Book – Colab Googe – Bash mode
  • Functions (Arguments and Return)
  • Python built-in Data types Concept of mutability and theory of different Data structures
  • Control flow statements: If, Elif and Else Definite and Indefinite loops: For and While
  • loops Writing user-defined functions in Python
  • Advanced Loops (For While) If else List/Dictionary
  • Nested Loops with if-else List/Dictionary (JSON) Class
  • Lambda Functions
  • List Comprehension
  • File Handling Web Scraping Exception handling
  • Python Workbook
  • SQLite / MYSQL / MongoDB in Python
  • Object-Oriented Python: Inheritance, Deep copy & Shallow copy
  • Python Read and write Text and CSV files with python
  • Training sessions and inheritance
  • Automate Boring Stuff Project
  • Functional Programming: Decorators, Iterators, Generators, and Closures (for Django)
  • Higher-Order Functions
  • Object-Oriented Programming (for Creating Libraries)
  • Web scraping Basics using Beautiful Soup
  • Django Basics
  • Flask Basics
  • Pandas Basics
  • Automate the Boring Stuff Book – Adv
  • Pandas Scipy Python
  • Matplotlib Numpy
  • Working with jupyter anaconda notebooks pandas numpy matplotlib git and many other tools.
  • Data Loading, Storage, and File Formats
  • Data Cleaning and Preparation
  • Data Wrangling: Join, Combine, and Reshape
  • Plotting and Visualization
  • Data Aggregation and Group Operations


  • Write Python code to automate the tedious task and use the library of codes we provide.
  • Create Python-based scripts to automate a mundane task, re-structure render data from SQL Mongo and APIs
  • Interact with RESTful APIs using Python Requests and JSON parsing techniques
  • Write SQL commands to perform Query as well as change data on SQL server / PostgreSQL
  • Scrape information from web pages
  • Create charts using Python Plotly, Seaborn
  • Use SQL and Mongo techniques to merge data and create a single data frame for analysis and charting

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