SQL Data Analytics: Beginner Level
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SQL Data Analytics: Beginner Level

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DURATION: 4 + 1 Hours (3 Sessions: 2Hrs + 2Hrs + 1Hrs)

MODE: 1 on 1 Highly Personalized

Schedule is tentative; finalized after enrollment according to student/instructor availability.

This training program is designed to address all the major topics required to get started with Analytics in SQL with no prior experience necessary.

The program helps in critical thinking and implementation:

  • Create a DB design for your day to day work data that you use in Excel
  • Understand what you can do and what you cannot do. Or rather how hard or simple it is to do some analytical steps in SQL.
  • Understand Data Wrangling using Group, Joins, and UNION to get data in the format you need
  • For any data that comes through new tools get new insights
  • Get Excel equivalent functions for SQL commands
  • Understand the data wrangling terms often used in Data Analytics that remain common to all languages (Python / R / SQL)


  • Understand why SQL is needed as a solution to the limitation of excel
  • Connect to the SQL Server database and execute a simple query.
  • Includes search condition in a simple query.
  • Use various functions to perform calculations on data.
  • Organize data obtained from a query before it is displayed on-screen.
  • Use New York City data for running on SQL


  • This training is for learning group by, joins, inbuilt functions. After taking this program you can take other intermediate training or training involving functions, procedures, and views.
  • To run a simple group by joins and filtering on SQL tables.


Bring your own device.

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