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DURATION: 36 HOURS ONSITE TRAINING + 3 Month Subscription to Online Support after completion

Method: 1 on 1

The schedule is tentative; finalized after enrollment according to student/instructor availability. CALL TO SCHEDULE +1 (888) 251 6979

Step by step this course explains how to analyze, trade and build your own Blockchain tokens. No programming experience is required. 70% of this workshop is gathering and researching Crypto data and 30% is programming for those who want to build their own Blockchain solutions. This helps you to build your way into Crypto investments. We will start from the basics of Blockchain and gradually build up your knowledge to create your own Ethereum token and trading strategies.

Using simple games and real-life analogies, we explain how Blockchain is constructed and why it cannot be altered as time passes. Also, we will build our own tools to automate the process of gathering and analyzing Crypto contracts and historical data.

We will examine and test a couple of Crypto trading strategies, using real-world testing networks. Using Python and Solidity, we will build our own crypto data analytics and investment solutions. Even if you have no previous coding experience, our experienced instructors will guide you step by step so by the end of this workshop you would have your own Blockchain program.

Each session is followed by minutes free debugging support, for those who would be building their own Blockchain solutions.

PART 1 – Introduction to Blockchain

  • Intro to Blockchain
  • Elements of blockchain
  • Introduction to  Blockchain and terminology
  • What is Bitcoin and what is Ether (differences)
  • Types of Cryptocurrencies/tokens
  • Understanding wallets
  • Security: Public vs. private key vs. wallets
  • Cryptography: Terms and Definitions, Hash Functions


  • Building blockchain Game
  • Asymmetric crypto Game
  • Hash Game


  • 15 Questions (True/False)
  • Passing score 65%


  • Python and JavaScript libraries for working with Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Build a blockchain in Python
  • Understand mining on the blockchain and appending the blockchain in Python
  • Understand Hash mechanism and Importing Hash Library
  • Implementing blockchain in Flask
  • Hacking a Blockchain code written in Javascript

Session goals:

  • Have a blockchain running in Python on your system (Azure Notebooks)
  • Post-class session:
    Extra minutes for debugging and installation

PART 3 – Crypto Investing

  • Crypto Data Analytics and Investment
  • Price History of Crypto and Tokens
  • Types of cryptocurrencies – Top 20 currencies and tokens
  • Correlations between crypto and traditional asset classes
  • 30 Crypto Investment Lessons


  • Levered trading in Bitcoins
  • Trading games
  • Sentiment trading (Do twitter feed drive crypto prices?)

PART 4 – Crypto Analytics in Python

  • Introduction to algorithms and blockchain APIs available
  • Different types of coins such as Forks, altcoins and metacoins
  • Connecting to exchanges using Python
  • Pulling data into data frames / Tables / Excel
  • Correlation/pair trading (Live data from last week or month)
  • Trading based on Twitter data (Sentiment Analysis)
  • Momentum Strategy / Mean reversal daily strategy

Session Goals:

  • Have a trading strategy working which you can test during the week. Example: buying a token or crypto-based on signals from the last week like moving average/volume/ Equity markets / Currency.

Post-class session (Bonus):

  • Extra minutes for debugging and installation

PART 5 – Ethereum & Solidity

  • Introduction to Ethereum
  • Understanding Ethereum Wallets
  • Understanding Ethereum Gas and OpCodes
  • Ethereum stack (EVM, Geth, Web3, RPC, Solidity)


  • Creating your ICO/Token on the blockchain using a paper
  • Solidity Basics
  • Setting metamask & Transferring Ethereum
  • Make contracts for launching your token
  • Launch your token
  • Projects (based on skills and needs of the batch):
    1. Token ICO contract
    2. Betting contract
    3. Voting contract
    4. FundRaiser Application
    5. Lottery
  • A gentle introduction to DApp
  • Pet Shop – Missing dogs (Boiler Template for DApp)

Session Goals:

  • Have your wallet and token as well as a token from other classmates.
  • Post class session (Bonus):
  • Extra minutes for debugging and installation

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