Subscription Plans

How can the Data Science Support Subscription Plan help you?

Get technical support for all your data science efforts. Our data science and Python experts can help identify common data science pitfalls & setbacks, and then provide onsite training on how to avoid those pitfalls/setbacks. Our experts will become your go-to resources for consultation, advice, and support for the implementation of and transition to data science technology in your business.

Who do we typically provide support to?

We provide support to businesses of all sizes but have found that startups need us most often. Startups, do to their fast-growing nature, often face challenges in implementing new data science initiatives due them lacking their own data science teams. Let our Python and data science specialists become your support team.

This is a monthly subscription plan for on-site troubleshooting Data Science related problems and issues on implementation, integration, and migration. 

The minimum subscription plan comes in 3, 6 and 12 months, that can be canceled anytime. 

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