SQL Data Analytics: Intermediate Level
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SQL Data Analytics: Intermediate Level

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(5 Sessions: 2 Hrs + 2Hrs + 2Hrs + 2Hrs + 1Hrs)

Method: 1 on 1

Schedule is tentative; finalized after enrollment according to student/instructor availability.


  • Introduction to need for SQL and Design Aspects
  • Why do we need SQL? What is wrong with excel?
  • Different distribution packages available from Oracle, microsoft, ibm
  • For example: if we create the information of people attending the classes in excel- what is wrong with that?
  • How will SQL give us some better way of handling data?
  • Top 5 problems in Excel and top 5 most useful features in SQL
  • Can I and should I move all my data of work from excel to SQL? How would I do that?
  • Can I link Excel with SQL?
  • Project: Table of people attending the class. Understand and demonstrate what is possible and what is not. Also, comment on how hard it would be.

Getting Hands-on with SQL and Outline

*You need an SQL Server Developers Edition on a Windows Based System

** If you have a Mac then you will be required to set up an AWS account and EC2 with Windows and SQL Server

  • What happens if you want to repeat some steps. VBA vs SQL.
  • Connect to the SQL Database - Can you control access to users for specific sheets in excel? what about SQL security?
  • Query the common database available AdventureWorks Database / OGCBooks on SQL Server
  • Save a Query and Modify a Query
  • Execute a Saved Query
  • Why do we need condition - what is the Excel equivalent?
  • Performing a Conditional Search
  • Search Using a Simple Condition (Filtering)
  • Compare Column Values
  • Search Using Multiple Conditions
  • Search for a Range of Values and Null Values
  • Retrieve Data Based on Patterns

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