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DURATION: 8 + 1 HOURS ONSITE TRAINING + 2 Month Subscription to Online Support after completion

(5 Sessions: 2 Hrs + 2Hrs + 2Hrs + 2Hrs + 1Hrs)

Method: 1 on 1

Schedule is tentative; finalized after enrollment according to student/instructor availability. CALL TO SCHEDULE +1 (888) 251 6979

Learn to make smarter business decisions using Data Science!

Are you looking to make a career switch or earn a higher salary, using one of the most desirable skills?

Learn about data science jobs

If your answer is YES, then this training workshop is for you. Data Scientists are in HIGH DEMAND in today’s job market, and that demand will only continue to soar. IBM predicts that demand for data scientists will increase by 28% by 2020, and it isn’t stopping there.

Data science skills are amongst the some of the most desirable skills to employers because companies of every industry, whether it be healthcare, finance, and insurance, retail, hospitality, IT, etc., use data science for all sorts of business solutions.

Who This Workshop is For:

This is for those who have already taken the Data Science Level 1 Workshop. Data Science using Python to boost their careers. Regardless of your background, whether you work in finance, insurance, journalism, healthcare, IT, or any other industry, you can greatly benefit from this workshop. You’ll be learning from our expert instructor that has taught Data Science, Python, SQL, Machine Learning, and Blockchain to over 30,000 subscribers on Udemy and YouTube!

Topics Covered:

  • Data science in Python language
  • Data science jobs
  • Loops (For-While)
  • If/Else in List and Dictionary
  • Nested Loops with If/Else List/Dictionary
  • JSON Class
  • Lambda Functions
  • List Comprehension
  • File Handling
  • Introduction to Web-scraping
  • Exception handling
  • Python Classes and inheritance
  • Read and write text and CSV files using Python

What to Bring:

  • Laptop with Google Chrome Browser installed

At the end of this course, you’ll have code to add to your Github account!

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