Big Data Hadoop Training Course: Beginner Level - NYC
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Big Data Hadoop Training Course: Beginner Level - NYC

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DURATION: 9 Hours (3 hours onsite + 3 hours live, online + 3 hours tech support for personal projects)

MODE: One on One [Highly Personalized]

SCHEDULE: Flexible 

Have you ever wondered about skills needed to become a big data engineer? If so, then this introduction to big data Hadoop training is for you. Big data jobs in NYC are abundant!  

How Can This Big Data Hadoop Training Intro Help You?

This 3-hour Big Data Hadoop NYC training class will introduce you to Big Data using Hadoop. A wide range of business and organizations use Big Data to uncover hidden patterns and unknown correlations to help them figure out market trends, customer preferences, and other useful business information. There are many big data jobs in NYC, we can introduce you to the world of big data! If you want to learn more about big data, inquire about our big data bootcamp in NYC. 

This class lays the foundation of understanding big data with Hadoop. It will prepare you to move on to Intermediate Big Data Hadoop Training. If you want to start to learn big data Hadoop, this is for you. If you've ever wanted to learn about being a big data engineer, this is for you too. 

This training is designed for beginners. It covers all the basic aspects of Big Data Hadoop. It offers a basic understanding of the concepts related to Big Data Hadoop.


  • Introduction to the Big Data Hadoop
  • Top 50 Ubuntu commands
  • Understand NameNode, DataNode, YARN and Hadoop Infrastructure
  • Hadoop Installation & HDFS Commands
  • Hadoop Distributed File System
  • Intro to MapReduce
  • Hadoop Installation Help


    • Windows or Ubuntu computer with 8 GB Ram, and 200 GB space
    • Macs not supported, although, there are extra laptops that could be provided for installation upon advance request (the week before).

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