Learn Apache Spark Training NYC
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Learn Apache Spark Training NYC

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Learn about Apache Spark, PySpark, and big data! Our classes and courses are held in our office in Midtown Manhattan.

Learn Apache Spark NYC!

Learn Apache Spark using Python (PySpark) with this big data training in NYC.

Learn how big data and what you need to know to become a big data engineer. 

What You'll Learn In This PySpark Tutorial & Course:

  • Introduction to Spark and PySpark
  • SparkContext
  • SparkConf
  • Resilient-Distributed Dataset (RDD)
  • Spark files and class methods
  • Introduction to machine learning with Python and PySpark
  • MLlib in Python (Machine learning pipeline)

Why Apache Spark?

Apache Spark is great solution for computing large datasets. Spark is a scalable and flexible tool used to handle big data sets. Python is one of the most widely used programming language among data scientists, analysts, and data engineers because it is easy to learn, is multi-purpose, and integrates well with Spark. Apache Spark developers developed a tool called PySpark, which is a Python API for Apache Spark. PySpark provides solutions to businesses with massive amounts of data.

Who This PySpark Tutorial & Course Is For:

Everyone! Beginners, data scientists, data analysts, software engineers, and everyone looking to learn about Apache Spark! Previous experience with Python is necessary. 


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