The IoE Should Incite Motivation, Not Fear

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The Internet of Everything (IoE), similar to the Industrial Revolution and the Dot Com Revolution, will have drastic influences on the job market. Some of those who fear the developments of the IoE may have this idea that technology can replace all human labor. An industry in which the IoE has recently strongly implemented itself in is the finance, banking, and investing industry. In years past, investing, often called for a stockbroker or financial advisor. Today, there are mobile apps which one can connect his or her bank account to, to purchase and sell stocks. It is no longer necessary to have a broker to buy stocks. The same goes for financial advisement. We've seen a recent surge in popularity of robo-advisors, which are online apps that can provide automated financial services and investment opportunities at a low cost. Robo-advisors easily and quickly allow one to set up a diverse investment portfolio, as well as provide wealth management services. Investors are attracted to the simplicity and ease that the IoE has allowed when it comes to financial services. These are only very few examples of the IoE's potential to disrupt the job market.

Instead of fearing the future, we can see the development of the IoE as creating new job opportunities for new sets of skills. The IoE can serve as motivation for acquiring and mastering new skills that will keep you in-demand in the job market. Applications and algorithms have to be developed and managed by someone. You could be that someone. 

Technology and networking consultants will be needed. More jobs in IT, data analytics, and big data will emerge from the growth of the IoE. The IoE can be seen as a job creator, creating job roles that are yet to be imagined. There's no doubt that the job market is changing due to the IoE, but it does not mean that jobs are getting scarce. The jobs and their responsibilities will be different from jobs we’ve previously known, but there’s excitement in that. It allows us time and energy to focus on expanding skill sets, and letting technology take over the monotonous and mundane tasks. Learning about machine learning, Python, SQL, data science, big data, artificial intelligence can open up countless opportunities across all industries.

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