5 Hot Industries for Data Science Jobs

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If you like to keep your options open when it comes to job hunting, then data science and analytics skills should be added to your skillset. Experience with languages such as Python and SQL can be seen in the "desired skills" section of many job postings from companies across all industries. Data scientists are in demand, not only in technology/IT companies. 

  1. Journalism - Journalists who possess the knowledge on where to look for data, how to collect the data, and analyze the data can use it to find stories within datasets.  Reporters can use data science tools to slice and order data into tables to deliver high-impact watchdog stories. Web scraping and running statistics have proven to be valuable tools for journalists. Check out Ben Wellington's TED Talk to see how he used data to bring much-needed change to the New York City Department of Transportation. 
  2. Finance/Banking/Insurance - Banks widely use Python libraries such as Pandas and NumPy for data analysis. Data science can be implemented for algorithmic trading, automating risk management and predictive analytics. With the large amount of financial data that is continually changing and expanding, implementing data science for process automation brings reduced operational costs to an organization. Data science also be used to create robo-advisors, for automated portfolio management. 
  3. Healthcare - Many data scientists and machine learning experts are using data science to learn more about the human body by collecting, structuring, processing, and analyzing data. Blood glucose levels, heart rate, sleeping patterns, neural brain activity, and so much more, can now be collected and analyzed thanks to new technology breakthroughs. Technology companies such as IBM have been making breakthroughs in health innovations with the help of data science.
  4. Retail -The retail industry has been using large amounts of data to their benefit. Analyzing large amounts of data has allowed businesses to generate sentiment analysis to influence consumers' decisions. Data analysis can be used for price optimization, inventory management, customer sentiment analysis, merchandising, and fraud detection. 
  5. Marketing - Data science can provide valuable and descriptive insights with some analysis and trend monitoring. An organization needs data scientists in order to handle large amounts of data. Marketers use data science to measure their marketing success rate and ROI. The collaboration between marketers and data scientists has shown to bring organizations cost-effective ways of managing their datasets. 


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